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Developer app guidelines

What is this templet for?
How to use Wikimedia logos or subject in your app.

If you wish to chassis a new app that uses Wikimedia marks or Wikimedia subject, we remember that is large! The Wikimedia Initiation supports this typewrite of reprocess. E.g., you may receive recyclable Wikimedia information from our API and the mopes foliate.

We only ask you follow with our Brand Insurance and the applicable Originative Commonalty licenses. Unitedly, these rules protect the gruelling oeuvre of the Wikimedia community.

For your contrivance, this scout offers helpful entropy on how to enforce those rules to your app. Delight use this guide all apps you chassis for smartphones. tablets. vesture computers. or any early twist.

App championship or description:
Use Wikimedia wordmarks in your app just to advert to Wikimedia projects or contentedness.

If you deprivation to use Wikimedia wordmarks or the names of Wikimedia projects (i.e. “Wikipedia”) as the kickoff news in your app claim, you demand to bespeak a brandmark certify.

If you wish to use Wikimedia wordmarks or the names of Wikimedia projects to name the substance in your app, you do not motive to petition a stylemark licence.

E.g.: an app may land “the encyclopaedic contented on this app is derived from Wikipedia.”

App image:
Ask a licence to use a grade in your app picture.

If you need to use a Wikimedia wordmark or another Wikimedia grade in your app ikon, delight postulation a earmark certify.

If you use any Wikimedia crisscross, admit a brand symbolization (™) on its commencement use. Besides, admit this observation in the certification for your app: “[Wikimedia Wordmark / figure of logotype as listed on the hallmark varlet ] is a brand of the Wikimedia Introduction and is ill-used with the license of the Wikimedia Institution. We are not endorsed by or attached with the Wikimedia Founding.”

Licenses of logos:
Distinguish the permission and surveil the rules.

The Wikimedia marks are released nether unlike Originative Commonalty licenses. Delight survey the unlike licence requirements for apiece score you deficiency to use. To regulate which certify applies, delight deterrent this the brand paginate for the specifics on apiece Wikimedia score.

E.g., if the scrape is licenced below CC BY-SA 3.0. you moldiness mention the intriguer, supply a nexus to the permission, and point if you limited the designing. You may not do so in a way that suggests the intriguer endorses your use. Likewise, if you physique upon the master stuff, you deliver to diffuse your contentedness nether the like permit as the pilot.

Reprocess of message:
Pass useable on the like price to others and dedicate cite.

Near Wikimedia textbook is licenced below the CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported Licence and the GNU Release Support Licence (GFDL). and photos may be nether former dislodge licenses. Delight place which certify applies and adopt the unlike permission requirements.

E.g., Wikipedia’s schoolbook is accredited nether the CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported Certify and can besides be licenced nether the price of the GNU Unblock Certification Licence. To influence whether the schoolbook is useable nether the GFDL, followup the foliate pedestrian, pageboy account, and discourse paginate. You may reprocess Wikipedia schoolbook nether the CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported Permit. if you circularize your contributions nether the like permission, point any changes you made to the subject, and citation the authors done a linkup rachis to the foliate you reused or a inclination of all the authors.

Be measured of how you use logos:
Do not confound users.

Unless you birth obtained a permission, you may not use logos that aspect similar the Wikimedia marks. Your logos should not indicate that your app is related the Wikimedia projects, the Wikimedia Founding, or the Wikimedia charge.

Hither are around examples of logos that do not indigence a permit because they are notpuzzling:

Hither are roughly examples of logos that do want a certify because they arepuzzling:

1.1 What is the role of the guidelines?

These guidelines are aimed at app developers to excuse how to use Wikimedia trademarks and Wikimedia substance.

1.2 How are the guidelines dissimilar from the Wikimedia Brand Insurance ?

They are not! The guidelines explicate how the Hallmark Insurance applies specifically in the setting of apps. In accession, the guidelines besides distinguish how to use Wikipedia message according to the applicable Originative Commonality licenses.

1.3 So why are thither furcate guidelines alone aimed at apps?

We bear created these guidelines to speech the particular brandmark and subject issues that app developers mightiness cheek. As new devices, including smartphones, tablets, and vesture computers quick get perm fixtures in our lives, apps are besides decent more significant sources of info. We lack to supporting app developers who use Wikimedia trademarks and substance patch too ensuring that their apps follow with the Wikimedia delegacy and accurately stage the Wikimedia community.

2. How to use the Wikimedia marks to follow with the Earmark Insurance

2.1 What are the Wikimedia marks?

The Wikimedia marks are trademarks that symbolise the Wikimedia community. You can uncovering a finish lean of them on our trademarks varlet. They admit wordmarks, wish the conventionalized “Wikipedia” crisscross besides as more traditional logos alike wish the amaze ball and the “W” logotype.

2.2 Do I pauperism to postulation a hallmark permit if a Wikimedia wordmark is the offset watchword in my app figure, fifty-fifty if it is obvious that my app is not attached with the Wikimedia Innovation?

Yes, because the wordmark leave boast conspicuously in your app rubric and be searchable by that wordmark. In those portion, we pauperization to followup your exercise to see that your app fitly represents the Wikimedia community. Delight netmail [email protected] to postulation a earmark permit.

2.3 Can I use a Wikimedia wordmark to citation something differently a Wikimedia situation?

Yes. Our wordmarks did not subsist earlier our projects were created, so they do not birth a basal import alike “facebook” or “apple.” That aforementioned, if you reprocess Wikimedia wordmarks to accost something non-Wikimedia related, we volition see that “fair use.”

2.4 Where do I admit a posting that the Wikimedia crisscross or logotype I’ve put-upon is a brandmark of the Wikimedia Founding?

You should admit a hallmark symbolisation (™) on its commencement use, and admit this placard in the corroboration for your app: [Wikimedia Wordmark / distinguish of logotype as listed on the trademarks foliate ] is a hallmark of the Wikimedia Founding and is put-upon with the license of the Wikimedia Founding. We are not endorsed by or attached with the Wikimedia Introduction.

2.5 How do I recognize if my logotype is bewilderingly standardised to a Wikimedia logotype?

We suffer provided about examples of satisfactory besides as bewilderingly standardized logos in the app guidelines. Generally, if individual can well guess that your logotype represents a Wikimedia propose, so you moldiness asking a hallmark permission. Likewise, if you admit a Wikimedia score in your app logotype so you probable moldiness postulation a hallmark permit.

2.6 Why do I birth to be elucidate around donations made to the Wikimedia Introduction, if I do not program to donate?

We pauperization to micturate trusted that users do not cerebrate that they are financially encouraging the Wikimedia projects when they invite an app.

3. What licenses utilize to Wikimedia substance

3.1 What licenses enforce to the Wikimedia logos?

The Wikimedia marks are licenced nether dissimilar Originative Green licenses. To shape which applies, delight bridle the trademarks paginate and dawn on the particular grade to key the right certify. Delight so pursue the instructions for the especial permission.

3.2 What licenses utilise to Wikimedia textbook?

Near Wikimedia textbook is accredited iphone 6 app development below the CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported Licence and the GNU Absolve Corroboration Licence (GFDL). To settle whether the schoolbook is usable nether the GFDL reassessment the pageboy pedestrian, paginate chronicle, and treatment paginate. Below the CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported Licence. you may recycle schoolbook, if you circularise your contributions nether the like permit, point any changes you made to the textbook, and render a liaison rear to the varlet you reused or a contact that lists of all the authors. If you recycle schoolbook from Wikipedia, delight follow-up the Reusing Wikipedia capacity pageboy.

3.3 What licenses enforce to Wikimedia photos?

Wikimedia photos are accredited nether unlike licenses. If you are exploitation an picture from Wikimedia Common. delight take the image’s foliate, place which permission applies, and surveil the unlike requirements. You may too use the Imageinfo API to get extmetadata, which includes the certify describe. Delight piddle trusted to besides followup the Reusing Wikimedia Park contented pageboy.

3.4 What approximately stuff made usable nether carnival use?

Around Wikimedia images, sounds, or textbook is victimised nether the bonnie use ism of Joined States law. In those luck, you moldiness insure that your reprocess of the capacity too qualifies as comely use. E.g., if the substance is organism reused for commercial-grade purposes, it testament probable not be considered bazaar use. Delight brushup the Reusing Wikipedia substance paginate for more info.